Dress to Kill,
Dinner Party

Contributors: Heather Arruda, Mayillah Ezekiel,
Joseph Saraceno

 FASHION Magazine,
Come Into Bloom

Contributors: Breanna Gow, Hilary Hatt, Nicole Livey,
Carlo Mendoza

The Kit Compact,
Beautify in Palm Springs

Contributors: Laura DeCarufel, Jessica Hotson, Hamin Lee, Rani Sheen, Sonya Van Heyningen, Kristy Wright

WINNER: The Kit Compact

Playful and creative in its storytelling with innovative presentation. This winning entry uses imaginative design to create a welcoming picture of summertime bliss, backed by inventive art direction and incredibly detailed photography.

Best BEAUTY Video

Clin d’oeil

Contributors: Sandra Abi-Rashed, Nicolas Beaumont-Gagnon, Stéphanie Delagrave


Contributors: Carla Antonio, Gillian Berner, Ania Boniecka, Milena Boskovic

Ton Petit Look

Contributors: Carolane Stratis, Josiane Stratis


This video shows just how attainable the latest seasonal beauty looks really are, delivering educational and informative content. This winning entry lets loose and has fun with cosmetics, using clever editing and music to entice viewers while maintaining an inspiring yet approachable style.


The Kit Compact,
Cold Comfort

Contributor: Rani Sheen

 ELLE Canada,
Got No Type

Contributors: Victoria DiPlacido, Brian Fleming, Katherine Flemming, Geoffrey Ross

The Beauty Breakthroughs So Worth Your $$$

Contributors: Ivan Engler, Carlene Higgins, Andrew Soule, Wing Sze Tang


Translating runway beauty trends into reality, this winner stands out for its well-researched, modern content. An adventurous piece, the jury recognized the challenge of putting such a dynamic, visceral piece together. Coupled with beautiful imagery and a dynamic and interactive layout, this story transcends decades, delivering a broad and interesting story for the reader.


Abécédaire Beauté.

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

Clin d’œil,
10 façons d’être responsable.

Contributors; Mélanie Pélican, Stéphanie Houle, Cecil Hausseguy

ELLE Québec,
C’est du propre!

Contributor: Manon Chevalier

WINNER: Châtelaine

Playful, enjoyable and fun. This winner uses a vibrant layout to share the ‘ABC’s of the newest beauty product finds with originality and creativity. The jury was impressed by the breadth of the story, its depth of research and the elevated and educational content.


A Pop of Colour

Contributor: Shayna Wiwierski

Realizing Beauty

Contributor: Christa Potter

Ymor Beauty

Contributor: Romy Antoun

WINNER: Realizing Beauty

With sophisticated photography and a genuine passion for beauty, this winning entry’s easy and accessible tone acts as the backbone for honest, authentic content. Acclaimed for its beauty focus and robust articles, this site’s beautiful imagery creates an enticing atmosphere for readers looking to dive into the depths of the beauty world.

Best Innovation Feature (English)

Best Health,
The Beauty Bug

Contributors: Michael Alberstat, Kate Daley, Jackie Shipley,
Beth Thompson

Smarter, Faster, Stronger, Better

Contributor: Carlene Higgins

FASHION Magazine,
Facial Recognition

Contributor : Olivia Stren

WINNER: Best Health

This winning feature explains the skincare benefits of bacteria and probiotics. A singular look at the true science behind beauty products, this story is recognized as an innovative thought-starter, fueled by strong research from industry professionals and experts in the field.

Best Innovation Feature (FRENCH)

ELLE Québec,
Dans la peau des milléniaux

Contributors: Laurence Lévy, Marie-Ève Hébert

Coup de Pouce,
Qu’est-ce qui se cache dans nos pots?

Contributors: Marie-Claude Marsolais

Clin d’œil,
Adopter les technologies du futur… aujourd’hui

Contributors: Stéphanie Houle,
Cecile Hausseguy, Mariève Inoue


Praised by the jury for its innovative approach to discussing generational beauty, this winning entry challenges the status quo bringing attention to the modern, millennial consumer and their changing needs. This piece uses in-depth tips coupled with extensive research to deliver a strong, relevant article.

best BEAUTY youtube cONTENT

Ask Kimberly

Contributor: Kimberly Moffit

 Jaclyn Forbes

Contributor: Jaclyn Forbes

 Samantha Jane

 Contributor: Samantha Murphy

WINNER: Ask Kimberly

With catchy content and a flare for creating truly engaging videos, this winner fosters a high level of production quality to create an enjoyable viewing experience.  Touching on a variety of subjects, the channel delivers a polished, highly informative experience for viewers while keeping it fun and entertaining.

Best BEAUTY Social Media Content

Fanny Yockell

Contributor: Fanny Yockell

Samantha Jane

Contributor: Samantha Murphy

Torri Webster

Contributor: Torri Webster



WINNER: Samantha Jane

Innately authentic and genuine, this winning entry stands out with a clear passion for beauty. The judges were impressed with its fun take on beauty, representing a unique voice in the industry. Beautifully curated and informative at the same time, the content is enlightening and invites her followers to engage and interact.

Best Feature (ENGLISH)

FASHION Magazine,

Contributor: Liza Herz

Reddit My Lips

Contributors: Alanna Evans, Alex Nursall

The Globe and Mail,
Fast Beauty

Contributors: Benjamin MacDonald, Odessa Paloma-Parker, Andrew Sardone,
Gabe Toth, Janna Zittrer


This feature on the ‘anti makeup’ movement, shares both sides of the debate, using experts and well-sourced references to provide context with a clear link to featured beauty products. Judges selected this story as the winner for its well-crafted structure, touching on an of-the-moment topic permeating through popular culture.

Best Feature (FRENCH)

ELLE Québec,
Au Maroc, sur la route de l’Argan

 Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

Nouvelle saison, nouvelle tête!

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

 Bel Âge,
Que révèlent nos odeurs préférées

Contributors: Aline Pinxteren, Joanie Pietracupa,
Francine Bernier


This winning entry brings the reader on a journey to the exotic locales of Northern Africa where the intricacies of the argan oil trade are revealed. Beautifully written and driven with an air of exploration, this feature was praised for its deeply immersive content, bringing a new world to the reader’s fingertips.

Best beauty shoot

1968 Magazine,

Contributors : Diana Carreiro, Nathalie Chapdelaine, Geneviève Charbonneau,
Kiera Yasmeen

Dress to Kill,
You Don’t Own Me

Contributors: D. Picard, Sabrina Rinaldi, Cary Tauben, Model Vie

S/ Magazine,
The Shining

Contributors: Vanessa Jarman, Nargis Khan, Adamo De Pax.

WINNER: 1968 Magazine

Fresh, dynamic and striking. With a laser focus on the model’s beauty looks, the images in this winning shoot are truly unique, capturing the subject in an impactful yet delicate manner. This winner merges technical skill and impeccable photography to draw the reader in.

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